The 4 signs of the ethical force field

Lamb of God; Patience; Prudence; Faith; Trust
Allegory oT12 - Lamb of God (Cycle Cathedral Souls)

Patience, wisdom, faith and trust are the cornerstones of the ethical force field in medieval mysticism. In his book "History of Religiousness in the Middle Ages", Arnold Angenendt describes the world view of the mystic of Hildegard von Bingen, who saw man in the 'wheel of the world', enveloped and animated by the cosmos forces, the most important of which are the winds. That's why she calls the "wind system ... the dominant and primary constituent of the microcosm man". The 12-ray wind rose is allegorized in its side wind heads by patience (lamb), wisdom (snake), faith (deer) and trust (crab). In the picture vision 'Allegory oT12', taken from the marble of Aachen Cathedral, I first saw Christ on the cross and Mary under the cross, and interpreted the double lamb, deer and serpent as symbols for saving life. With Hildegard's help and a little imagination, I now also discover the crab and the connection of the vision to her mysticism. It's amazing.