Roger Nyssen


Freelance artist, born in Aachen in 1953, is living in Dormagen since 1980. At the end of 2016, after an eventful life as an engineer and an exhibition break of more than 20 years, professional painting and graphics once again became the focus of my work. In addition to watercolor and printmaking - etching, woodcut - to which I have been faithful since my beginnings, today I dedicate myself above all to oil paintings in large formats.

Artistic approach:

What holds the world together in its innermost? We suspect that despite all progress, it is a fallacy to be able to explain our world with physical-mathematical knowledge alone. But if reason and logic lose their claim to universal domination, don't we need a new consciousness and other forms of communication with the material world to understand? So, as a painter, I am also called upon to set out in search of apparent reality, the awareness of matter and its hidden histories, as well as new forms of expression. Basically, I work in the space between the classical principles of intention and chance. Once a basic pictorial idea or a story has been created, I often continue along the well-known paths of surrealist methods such as frottage or so-called automatic painting to experience hidden analogies and make them visible. A special, divisionistic form of expression of 'automatic painting' is what I call FILITOSA, after a mystical place in Corsica. FILITOSA also stands for a special technique of intensifying the sculptural element in the image as well as the attempt to depict the sequences of time and movement in a forceful way.

In the tradition of Romanticism, I 'communicate' with natural forms in stone or sand, the special light of a place, ideal places of longing, poetry that touches me or the poetry of a moment. All just germs of associations, far from any unambiguity. Sometimes I place the result in a mythological context, a provocation in the sense of the ambiguity of the source and the image. After all, how can we be sure of what is true and what is not?

Exhibitions since 2018
09.2018           Aula Carolina, Kunstroute Aachen
11.2018           D’Art 2018, Dormagen
03-04.2019     Denkhaus-Ausstellung, Grevenbroich
09.2019           Catharinakapelle Vaals-Lemiers / Kunstroute Aachen
01-04.2020     Kulturhaus Dormagen
08-10.2020     Museum de Kopermolen, Vaals (NL)
10.20-02.21    Kirche St. Mariä Heimsuchung, Aachen-Herzogenrath
09.2021           Erphokirche Münster
03.2022           "aufbrechen"; Erphokirche Münster; group exhibition
09.2022           Kirche St. Cormelius, Alsdorf
since 09.22     Museum-Galery 'Haus Neu-Lemiers', Aachen, permanent exhibition
03.2023           UZE, Aachen
04.2023           Citykirche St. Nikolaus Aachen
09.-12.2023    'FILITOSA', Haus Neu-Lemiers, Kunstroute Aachen
12.11.2023     "Salvator mundi", Dormagen, inauguration of a dual relief sculpture
18.11.2023     Couven Gymnasium Aachen, etching and woodcut - old printing techniques
07.01.2024     "Auf Winterreise", intercultural concert in Tilburg, Abby Koningshoven, Netherlands
02.-03.2024    "gleich nebenan", Erphokirche Münster, group exhibition
25.02.2024     "Auf Winterreise", intercultural concert in Tilburg, Cinecitta, Netherlands
06-07.2024     Triptych "The long search", Citychurch Aachen